The Founding of the Band

Conceived in the Year 2003 in San Francisco, MAN DEAD ON ME TURN brings back heavydelic space rock from the future in the tradition of Ziggy Stardust and Jane’s Addiction. MAN DEAD ON ME TURN ‘s first full length recording, “God Bless the Electric Freak” has been born.

MAN DEAD ON ME TURN has performed throughout the Bay Area including such venues as The Pound SF, The Hotel Utah, The Red Devil Lounge, The Hemlock Tavern and The Mission Creek Music Festival. The band is currently receiving heavy rotation on WFMU 91.1fm, NYC. MAN DEAD ON ME TURN has been featured in the West Coast Edition of Performer Magazine, SF Weekly, and the San Francisco Bay Guardian


Have you heard MAN DEAD ON ME TURN and their album, “God Bless the Electric Freak?” Holy cow! What a great album! WFMU has been hyping this record and this band for months with good reason – they’re both awesome.

The leadoff track “Killer Sound Waves From Space” is a psychedelic-tinged rocker that is at times moody and trippy but always intensely catchy. Kind of like Jane’s Addiction meets Sgt. Pepper. “Apocalypse Rock” updates the stoner rock sound with distorted vocals, a repetitive thumping riff and enough angst to rip the roof of a house. “Sunshine Supercreep” sounds like Ravi Shankar jamming with Queens of the Stone Age while “Beatle George” gives an obvious nod to one of the band’s primary influences.

San Francisco’s MAN DEAD ON ME TURN excel in creating huge monstrous riffs and dousing them in waves of melody so that both the discerning listener and the headbanger can enjoy the love. Perhaps most refreshing about this album is its ability to be a heavy metal record with a healthy pop sensibility.